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BioAq - water is life -

Whirled water - a fascinating discovery

The quality of water is important!

BioAq water whirlers produce a water with interesting, positively altered characteristics. Each BioAq whirler consists of many spirals which are arranged partly clockwise and partly anticlockwise in specific, patent-pending patterns. The water flows through the the spirals in a method which is natural and environmentally friendly. The method does not require addition of energy or maintenace. 

Scientific research and individual observations show that whirled water has benefits for many technology applications, as well as for nature and the environment. BioAq whirled water increases plant growth with up to 30% in controlled experiments. Longer lasting plants have also been reported.
Also the well-being of people can be positively affected, according to individual testimonials. For example improvements in skin and hair when using BioAq water have been reported.

The products are not to date clinically tested. They do not substitute professional medical care.

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